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10 Funny Things Happened During School Lockdown

It’s hard to believe that a country like India could have the same problems with safety and security as developed countries such as the United States. One thing that everyone in the world has to worry about, though, is school lockdowns. Whether you’re a student or not, this blog article offers some interesting insights into how effective school lockdowns are when they do happen.

10 Funny Things Happened During School Lockdown

  1. A student managed to smuggle in a cake disguised as a bomb.
  2. Teachers turned into zombies and started eating students.
  3. Some students barricaded themselves in their classrooms and refused to come out until the lockdown was lifted.
  4. Students were trapped inside for hours due to a misunderstanding about the school’s fire alarm system.
  5. A group of students decided to raid the cafeteria during the lockdown, but they got caught by the teachers who were now zombies!
  6. One student barricaded herself in her bathroom and refused to come out until the lockdown was lifted.
  7. Some students used the lockdown as an opportunity to sneak in some studying time.
  8. A group of students decided to break into the school’s liquor cabinet during the lockdown and get drunk!
  9. A few students managed to sneak in contraband items like weapons and drugs during the lockdown.
  10. One student managed to smuggle in a pet snake inside the school during the lockdown! The lockdown lasted for about 45 minutes, which is why many students still had time to enjoy the game before it was over. A student at the school said that “We’ve been locked down in the school for 45 minutes, and we are still playing a video game.” This really shows the mentality of today’s youth.

What You Should Know About the 10 Funny Things

School lockdowns can be a scary experience for students, but fortunately, they’re usually brief. Here are 10 funny things that happened during school lockdowns.

  1. A student was caught trying to sneak out of the school during a lockdown.
  2. A student was caught with a fake gun during a lockdown.
  3. A student was caught trying to escape through the roof during a lockdown.
  4. A student was caught trying to break into the teacher’s office during a lockdown.
  5. A student was caught hiding in a supply closetduring a lockdown.
  6. A student was found sleeping in class during a lockdown.
  7. A student was caught eating an entire pack of candy barsduring a lockdown.
  8. A student was found playing video gamesduring a lockdown.
    9 .A student was found passed out in a stairwellduring a lockdown.
    10 .A student was found with scissors hidden inside their shoeduring a lockdown

The 10 Funny Things in India

  1. One student was so eager to get back to class that he broke a window to get in!
  2. A teacher had to put a student in detention for wearing the wrong clothes during lockdown.
  3. A student was so excited about returning to school that she jumped up and down on the desk of her teacher!
  4. One student decided to play hide and seek with his classmates during lockdown.
  5. Another student took advantage of the lockdown by practicing his guitar in the hallway!
  6. A student found a way to have some fun during lockdown by staging a fake hostage situation with his schoolmates!
  7. One student was so hungry that he stole some candy from the cafeteria during lockdown!
  8. A student made a video of himself dancing to music inside his classroom during lockdown!
  9. A student used the opportunity of lockdown to sneakily take a nap!
  10. One student was so bored that he started making origami snakes out of paper during lockdown!


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