Dating or Accommodating? Tips For Smooth Live In Relationships


Eversince the Honourable Supreme Court had announced that comes within the ambit of right to life under Article 21 of the Constitution,  Live-in relationships have become a trend, especially in metropolitan cities. Here are a few tips that will make your live-in relationship worthy and stressless. 

Why Live-In?

If you are ready to take your relationship a step ahead and want to know if your partner is your actual soulmate or not, then you must go for a Live-in relationship. However, it is often seen that these kinds of relationships are the result of accommodation requirements in metropolitan cities where affording a furnished rented house consumes your salary. In that scenario, couples often prefer to live together to share the expenses and live a better life. Another case is that couples want to test the capability of being a perfect life partner for each other, hence they live together to know if they can spend the rest of their life together or not.

What Are The Pros?

No more goodbyes, innumerable dates together.

Watch the sunrise or sunset together.

Live like married couples without getting the tag.

Know each other better.

Share the finances.

See the trailer of your future life if you want to marry each other.

What Are The Cons?

More chances of breakup as the door is always open.

Less personal freedom.

No support from family or society.

Stain can be labelled for life, especially for women.

In case of pregnancy, the guy can easily walk out and the girl handles it all alone.

No legal claim to marry.

Is It Working Or Only You Are Making It Work?

Sometimes, making a decision to live-in with your partner can be the worst nightmare when you find that you were merely a bait to bear all the expenses of another person. Also, making continuous compromises can leave you opting out or staying. So, it is very important to choose your live-in partner to make things easier in that relationship. Love is an important bond, make sure you have just not jumped into that apartment after two dates. It must be a well thought of decision as a certain phase of your life depends on it. For fiances, you must not compromise for each other and show your true self instead so that you can live a transparent life together. 

How To Make It Working Smoothly?

Make your intentions clear

Is it your requirement for sharing the expense or you want to check the compatibility, in both cases, make your intentions and expectations clear in order to avoid a future situation. Have clarity in your thoughts and discuss often for the scope of betterment.

Set your financial goals

You both are running the house together so take the financial responsibility equally. In case one person lends the money from another, make sure to return. Do not over expense if one of you is earning much or filthy rich. Decide who will take care of which responsibility in the starting. 

Share your duties

Now if one of you is a girl that doesn’t mean that she would take extra household chores by default. Respect each other’s time. Delegate equal work to each other for better understanding. Also, don’t stick to performing equally always. If one of you is stuck at a job or sick, you can definitely fulfill the responsibilities on behalf of your partner. 

In case of pregnancies

There are a lot of chances for the girl to get pregnant as you as a couple are living together so physical intimacy is natural. Make sure the guy takes the protection or you intake the pills in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

 If you become pregnant by any chance, talk about how to take this further. Make the discussions and take the decisions keeping each other’s life and health in mind.

Limit your live-in

Make sure you limit your time of staying with your live-in partner, especially if your motive is not to marry. This will balance the expectations and result in less raised eyebrows. But if you are ready to face all the challenges, stay as long as you want. Who knows if your live-in partner could become your life partner too?


Well, a live-in relationship is just like a roller coaster ride in which there are a lot of unsaid feelings. It may label you for life or it could be the most wonderful journey. Depends how to take it and make it. So make sure to be clear about your intentions and follow the rules of individuality in order to make this work smoothly.

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