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Diana Baumrind Theory


Baumrind theorized that children’s behavior is a result of the specific parenting style they experienced in their homes. She developed the Pillar Theory to describe the important aspects of parenting that shape the way they interact with their children.

Baumrind is most known for identifying two major types of parental behavior that influence the way that they interact with their children: authoritarian and permissive. She theorized that there are three major types of parenting, including authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive styles.


This refers to the parent’s tendency to set rules and boundaries.


The availability and responsiveness of the parents is referred in this.

Social support: 

The extended family, friends, and other groups or institutions that support the family are referred to as this. The authority of the parents is legitimized by these groups.


This refers to the parent’s ability to provide persistent and self-controlled parenting that helps the parent to avoid escalating negative emotions during stressful situations.

Three Types of Parenting Styles

Authoritative Parenting Style

This parenting style provides a structured environment with clearly defined rules and boundaries. They discipline their children in a way that is not too harsh. Reasonable expectations are placed on children by parents who are available to respond to their needs in a warm and caring manner. So that they don’t blow up in a child’s face during stressful situations, these parents are often able to control themselves. Giving their children independence and guidance or support, these parents also balance.

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Authoritarian Parenting Style

The parents provide their children with too much structure, including strict rules and boundaries. They often place unrealistic expectations on their children and their disciplinary measures are often harsh. Although these parents are often available to their children, their response style is not warm and caring. The parents often cannot control themselves and tend to get angry with their children during stressful situations. The parenting style of these parents has been associated with over-parenting or helicopter parenting, and these parents tend to over-regulate their children.

Permissive Parenting Style

An environment lacking structure, rules, and boundaries is created by these parents. There are often no disciplinary measures, and few expectations are placed on their children. The parents are often available to their children and respond in a warm and caring manner. Parents who under-regulate their children tend to have a parenting style associated with under-parenting.

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