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German Company Hettich India Expands Investment in Madhya Pradesh, Creating Job Opportunities

In a significant step towards bolstering economic growth and employment opportunities, representatives of the esteemed German company Hettich India recently held a crucial meeting with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The meeting, which took place at the Chief Minister’s residence, Samatva Bhavan, revolved around the company’s proposed investment plans in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

During the meeting, Mr. Andre Acholt, the Managing Director of Hettich India, apprised Chief Minister Chouhan of the company’s ambitious venture – the establishment of a new manufacturing unit in Pithampur. The proposed unit, which comes with a substantial investment of Rs. 700 crores, is projected to play a pivotal role in driving economic development and generating employment opportunities for approximately 500 individuals.

This venture marks a notable addition to Hettich India’s existing presence in Madhya Pradesh. The company had previously set up a unit in Pithampur in 2020, investing Rs. 300 crore and creating employment opportunities for around 600 people. Furthermore, Hettich India is currently in the process of expanding this unit, infusing an additional investment of Rs. 270 crore. The expansion is set to focus on hinge-making, contributing to the creation of an additional 600 job positions.

Chief Minister Chouhan lauded Hettich India’s commitment to Madhya Pradesh’s growth story, emphasizing the positive impact of their investments on employment generation. He highlighted the state’s continuous efforts to foster a conducive environment for businesses, inviting further investment and contributing to the state’s socio-economic progress.

The expansion plans unveiled by Hettich India signify a strong partnership between the company and the state, reflecting the mutual dedication to fostering industrial growth and prosperity. The move also underscores the recognition of Madhya Pradesh as an investment-friendly destination, attracting renowned global entities and contributing to the realization of the state’s development aspirations.

The possibilities of economic progress and employment generation in Madhya Pradesh are going to get a big boost. The expansion not only signifies a new chapter in the company’s journey but also reiterates its role as a catalyst for progress, creating a brighter future for both the business landscape and the people of the state.

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