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India to Spend 1,31,100 Crore on Urea Subsidy & Production Boost.

The Indian government has announced that it will spend 1,31,100 crore rupees on urea subsidy to boost domestic production and reduce the import of urea by 20 percent. This move is aimed at making the country self-sufficient in urea production and reducing its dependence on imports. The funds will be utilized for increasing urea production and encouraging the use of alternative fertilizers. The government’s decision is expected to benefit farmers and improve the overall agricultural productivity of the country.


  1. The Indian government has allocated 1,31,100 crore rupees for the urea subsidy.
  2. The funds will be used to increase domestic urea production.
  3. The aim is to reduce urea imports by 20 percent.
  4. This move is expected to benefit Indian farmers and promote self-sufficiency in urea production.
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