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Jitendra Singh Hails ISRO’s Success in PSLV-C55/TeLEOS-2 Mission with PM Modi’s Patronage.


  • Jitendra Singh praises ISRO for the successful launch of the PSLV-C55/TeLEOS-2 mission.
  • Singh Credits Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his personal intervention and patronage of ISRO’s accomplishments.
  • Highlights ISRO’s consistent success in carrying out missions, showcasing India’s technological prowess.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh congratulated the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on the successful launch of the PSLV-C55/TeLEOS-2 mission, highlighting the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal intervention and patronage towards the space agency’s success.

ISRO’s Latest Success in PSLV-C55/TeLEOS-2 Mission

The PSLV-C55/TeLEOS-2 mission, launched on 22nd April 2023, was ISRO’s first dedicated commercial mission for NewSpace India Limited (NSIL). The mission carried onboard the primary satellite, TeLEOS-2, along with three co-passenger satellites. TeLEOS-2 is a commercial earth observation satellite for Singapore and is equipped with advanced cameras and imaging capabilities. The successful launch of this mission marked another feather in ISRO’s cap and reinforced India’s position as a reliable and competitive player in the global space market.

The Role of PM Modi’s Intervention and Support Towards ISRO

Union Minister Jitendra Singh attributed the success of ISRO’s missions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal intervention and support. He lauded the PM’s vision for the country’s space program, emphasizing his focus on harnessing the potential of space technology to benefit the common people. PM Modi has been instrumental in providing the necessary financial and technological resources to ISRO, encouraging its scientists and engineers to pursue cutting-edge research and development projects. His unwavering support has helped ISRO overcome numerous challenges and make remarkable progress in the field of space technology.

ISRO’s Remarkable Achievements in Space Technology

ISRO’s success in the PSLV-C55/TeLEOS-2 mission is just one among many notable achievements in its long history. The organization has successfully launched multiple satellites for a range of purposes, including communication, earth observation, and scientific research. Its Mangalyaan mission, launched in 2013, was a landmark achievement in India’s space program, as it made India the first country to successfully launch a spacecraft into Mars’ orbit in its maiden attempt. ISRO has also made significant strides in developing reusable launch vehicles, space exploration, and interplanetary missions.

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