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Places to visit in Bangalore, India


There are many best places to visit in Bangalore, each of which contributes to culture, history, architecture, nature, art, and spirituality. Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state in India, with a population of more than 10 million – which may also make it one of the most-densely populated cities.

7 Incredible Places In Bangalore

Bengaluru is experiencing a demographic transformation and it has far reaching economic and political implications. The number of aged people in the city is on the rise, as is its population capacity.

Despite not having as many famous landmarks like city tours of other similar global cities, Bangalore has some attractive sites that tourists can visit. Here is a list of the most attractive sights arranged to be seen in a chronological order to please the taste of any travel inspired philanthropist.

Cubbon Park

The most important and popular landmark of Bangalore is Cubbon Park. This park was created by the British on land acquired from the former Maharaja of Mysore, which belonged to the British for 56 years until it was returned to India as a gesture at independence in 1947.

The park covers 300 acres with a dense vegetation and beautiful statues. The park is unique because there are beautiful green lawns and trees. You can visit the park at various times of day, but it becomes even more spectacular to see it on nights when the lights are on.

Nandi Hills

Located 60 kilometers from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is an ideal weekend destination for nature lovers. The picturesque hill station offers visitors diverse opportunities in the wilderness of local flora and fauna.

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Examine some great tips for Hill Selfies

The summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro allows visitors to view where most plant life would be if it weren’t for human intervention. At the summit, one is sure to find large exotic trees like the Eucalyptus, Coffee Arabica with a few other native species. In fact, the forest is well admired for its cloud condensation that the leaves are covered with water droplets every morning. This allows better growth for the trees and a rich place for birdlife.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Tipu Sultan’s summer fort palace in Bangalore has been transformed into a museum that features changing art exhibits, old paintings and architecture. With an abundance of attractive displays, this place is certain to become one of the city’s most popular attractions by the end of 2019.

Fort William is not only a remarkable historical construction, but it is an impenetrable fort that has been serving the British army since its construction in 1845. To build this ecological tower, they used pure teakwood wood, something that’s not often seen today.

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

With increasing usage of technology and gaining momentum due to a decline in human workforce, AI will be used as a potential growth engine for more efficient businesses in the short term.

However, New Delhi is also home to a number of birds such as the Brahminy Kite and the Purple Moor Hen can be seen in this city.

Bangalore Palace

Recently, I visited the historic Bangalore Palace and was deeply moved by the rich history. The palace originally owned by Reverand J. Garrett has become one of the top historical places to visit since Maharajah Chamarajendra Wadijyaer wanted to stay there during his training period; he bought it in 1873 AD. After many improvements and additions, construction on the palace was finished and was made complete in 1878 AD.

The interiors of this palace are grand, elegant and inviting. The first floor serves as a sweeping ballroom. Various touches of fluorescent blue porcelain tiles help add modern flair to the space. Additionally, many unique Danish make sure this palace will remain pristine for years to come.


ISKCON Bengaluru is the biggest Krishna Dharma temple in India and around the world. Its impressive architecture is known for holding religious activities like chaturanga and Gaura Purnima, a crowded event honoring idols of Maha Krsna.

The temple is located within 100 kilometers from the city’s center, and is one of the most extraordinary spiritual tourist places to see in one day. It has a 17-meter gold-plated flag post, 6 separate shrines, and 9-meter gold-plated Kalash shikara. The place also celebrates various festivals and conducts youth as well as cultural programs.

National Gallery Of Modern Art

You might wonder, how was the gallery created? When In 2009, India had just installed an elected parliament making it a constitutional republic. The gallery was founded by Dr. Raja Harishchandra Haurangi on behalf of the Department of Culture to “spread culture, knowledge and education” and make “an unassailable contribution in urban India”.

With 500 exhibits, the museum hosts a wide range of properties and displays them in either open galleries, tiny rooms, or through long corridors. Out of the 500 exhibits enumerated in the Museum’s website, 240 are permanently on display while another 80 are created annually. Not only is the collection vast internally but also externally where it has taken over sixty years to acquire its holdings ranging from around 4 billion USD to 3.5 billion USD.


Bengaluru is a mix of cosmopolitan and traditional culture. The list to visit some, below is only a few, which are picked because of their increasing popularity. Use this as an opportunity to explore what the city has to offer.

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