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Positive Parenting Solution for Parents in 21st century.

Positive parenting and positive discipline focus on teaching moral behavior using a kind and firm parenting manner.

Positive parenting: is it just one more meaningless jargon or phrase? The first time I heard that phrase, I went expressionless “What are we talking about here?” I Ponder, What is Positive Parenting?

What is positive parenting? 

I am not the first or only person to be heard about positive parenting. Most people think it’s about parenting without spanking. But positive parenting is so much more profound than that.

Positive parenting is the purposeful relationship of a parent(s) and a child or children that includes caring, teaching, leading, communicating, and providing for the needs of a child commonly and completely.

Positive parenting is a committed relationship between parent and child based on communication and mutual respect. Positive parenting means training children toward self-discipline.

Here are some fruitful positive parenting tips to help you generate a pleasant, happy home.

Positive Parenting Tips:

  1. Focus on the ground behind the Behaviours: There is always a motive why children misbehave, even though the motive may seem foolish to the parents. It is rational for the child, and that’s why they behave just like that. Ask them questions and get to the depth of the problem.
  • Be Kind and Stable: Be kind to your child to model how to be kind and humble to others. Children learn by mimicking and you are their primary role model. When a parent scream, humiliates or calls a child names, the child learns to do the same when they’re disturbed. So be kind to your children.
  • Merciful Discipline: Maintain merciful behaviour with children. You should set boundaries, but at the same time, you impose them in a kind and firm way. For example, you can firmly and kindly tell a child that he cannot have what he wants.
  • Be Clear and Be Constant: Decide and explain the results of violating limits clearly before being enforced. In addition, parents need to be constant and follow through on them. If a parent is not constant, there will be confusion. The child may keep testing or to see what else can happen.
  • Brain Development: Sometimes, what we think is improper behaviour is actually age-appropriate behaviour. For Example, tantrums are very normal. These kids have big sentiments but cannot express them in words. They also don’t have the ability to manage themselves because that part of the brain is not yet developed.
  • Start Quickly: Positive parenting can start even when your child is only a new-born baby. Young children learn by watching their elders and how they behave in different situations.
  • Time-out yourself: Yes, you get that right. You need to take time out of yourself to relax.

Naturally, sometimes parents are just exhausted and angered by children’s unruly behaviour. Play with your children.


1) Close child-Parent Relationship

2) Better Self Confidence and Mental Wellbeing

3) Better Social Accomplishment

4) Extraordinary School Performance

No one has time to listen to the problems faced by the children. Parents are busy with their work, whereas teachers are only focused on completing their syllabus. As a result, children are mentally stressed. They lose respect and believe in their parents. Parents are also stressed because children do not listen to them. So, it is very necessary that parents take out time to sit and talk frankly with their children for at least 10-15 minutes daily. This will help in their relationship stress and will result in happiness.

                                 Happy kids are not born but nourished.



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