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St Alex Church | South Goa Churches | Hisotry, Timmings


In the year 1833, a Portuguese Franciscan missionary discovered an island in the Indian Ocean. This island was called Goa and is now part of India. The people there have their own culture and language. They believe that St Alex Church in Panaji is the church of St Alex, the Patron Saint of Goa. In this article, you will learn about the history of St Alex Church in South Goa.


Alex Church is a Christian Church in South Goa. It was founded by the Portuguese Missionaries in 1695. Their church is in Old Goa and it has four congregations. The current Archbishop of Goa and Daman is Rev. Filipe Neri da Costa, who has been instrumental for the growth of this church. St Alex Church, popularly known as the King of Goa was built in 1659. It is a historic church with a rich history.


St Alex Church is a quaint church in the picturesque Goa village of Benaulim, just a few kilometers south of Mapusa. The church was founded in 1716 and is one of South Goa’s oldest churches. It stands on the main street of Benaulim, but it isn’t visible from there as it hides behind some houses. The church has a beautiful façade with a cross and candelabras on both sides of the doorway. The church was officially established in 1606, but the area is popularly credited with being the site of the first Christian community in India. It has served as a cultural hub and focal point of Goan culture.


The church is open from 5.30-9am and 5:30pm-7pm. Timings are announced daily from our site and also from the church. The timing can be found on the home page of our website as well as at the top of some prayer cards in the church. The church starts at 8 am and closes at 6 pm. Sunday School starts at 9 am and continues till 11:30 am followed by the Holy Mass at 12 noon. The evening prayer session begins from 6 pm to 7 pm with a blessing of the holy water and finally a recitation of the rosary at 8 pm.


St Alex Church is a famous Church on the south Goa coast. It is close to the beach, which makes it easy to reach for tourists. It has great history and a lot of interesting stories about it’s past. St Alex church has some really good services, as well as many other activities that go with it. The church is located in the heart of the city at a distance of 500 meters from the bus stop and 300 meters from the railway station. The church has a magnificent morning service which begins with music, followed by an invocation and then a prayer read by one of the priests. The morning service ends with Holy Communion which is celebrated on Sundays. On weekdays, services take place twice-a-day – one in the morning and another in the afternoon.


The church conducts mass in Latin language and every Sunday morning at 6.00 am. The mass at St Alex Church is celebrated every Sunday in English. The church hall is beautifully decorated with flowers and the high ceilings add to the spiritual feel of the place. The mixed choir sings beautifully while children are distributed among different age groups to sing one song together.

Environment and Culture

The church has a history of around 400 years, and is considered the oldest Christian mission in India. The church is a classical building with marble sculptures and a spacious courtyard. The surrounding area is lush green with flora and fauna, the whole vision of peace. The Church holds the heritage of British missionaries who were responsible for shaping this country’s culture and language.

St Alex Church is one of the oldest churches of Goa that was founded on the feast day of St. Andrew in 1540. The church is located on the main road to Old Goa, also known as Viceroy’s Road, in South Goa and is easily accessible by car from anywhere in Goa.

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