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WATCH IndiGo Airlines Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with AI-Generated Artwork “Bappa Coming Home”

Ganesh Chaturthi, a cherished Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Ganesh, has arrived, spreading joy and devotion across the nation. This year, the 10-day-long festival commenced on September 19, with devotees welcoming Lord Ganesh’s idol into their homes and offering sweet treats as a mark of reverence.

On this auspicious occasion, IndiGo Airlines extended warm wishes to everyone by sharing a unique piece of AI-generated artwork featuring the beloved Hindu deity arriving home on an airplane. The caption accompanying the post read, “Bappa is coming home!”

In the AI-crafted image, Lord Ganesh is depicted seated inside an IndiGo airplane, with a delightful spread of “Modak” placed before him.

As expected, the post quickly gained widespread attention on social media. Despite being shared only a few hours ago, the image has already garnered over 118,284 likes and numerous comments.

Users praised the creativity behind the post, with one person expressing appreciation, saying, “Wow!! I appreciate whosoever is behind this beautiful idea.”

Several users described the AI-generated image as “super creative” and “beautiful.”

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayak Chaturthi and Ganeshotsav, is celebrated with the installation of clay idols of Lord Ganesh in homes and public spaces. The 10-day festival culminates with a grand public procession and the immersion (Visarjan) of the idol in a river or the sea on Anant Chaturdashi.

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