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Your Green Diet List This Winter

Winters are here and so is the time for the vegetable market to turn green.  Winter vegetables are both nutritious and delicious at the same time. Especially the green ones. Thankfully , each green vegetable is renowned for its remarkable cuisine. Knowing the interesting facts about them and their nutritional value, it will definitely become an encouraging factor to add them to your plate. So step out of your cozy blankets and prepare an appetizing dish out of the greens. Your kids will love them surely. 


Most eaten green leaf in the USA and Popeye’s favourite. It is very nutritious and prevents premature ageing. It also helps the brain to function properly, especially for older people. Helps fight cancer and have vitamins like A, B, C, E, K, zinc, magnesium and an abundance of iron, that is required for the red blood cells in the body.

You can make fritters, Palak Paneer, blend it with any lentil, eat raw or add them in any dish. 


Popularly known as cauliflower’s cousin, this budget friendly vegetable is layered with goodness of Vitamin C, K and B9. This has nutritional benefits like antioxidants and minerals. It is anti-inflammatory and good for skin.

This is the base of any salad, burger and Chinese dishes are incomplete without it. It can be mixed with many vegetables. You can enjoy soups, stir fries with cabbage as an ingredient.


Looks like green cauliflower and is the basic ingredient of almost every salad. It prevents thickening of arteries and is highly nutritious. Rich in calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Zinc and Selenium. The beauty of this vegetable is that you can add them to anything you cook.  

Eat it raw, add them to any dish, make salad, fritters, bake them and discover new recipes with it.

Green Peas

You surely get frozen green peas throughout the year but the taste of fresh green peas is matchless. The green little pearls are the abundance of nutrition. Good source of Vitamin K and also makes your bones stronger. Marvellous source of iron and folic acid which are a blessing for expecting mother’s health. 

Add them in any vegetable, Aloo Matar is everyone’s favourite. Make gravy out of it, Add it to your rice and enjoy matar pulav. It can be blended with anything. It tastes best when eaten raw

Mustard Leaves

These lacy edged leaves come from the same plant that produces mustard. Highly awaited green vegetable of the year and a complete reason for a foodie’s happiness. They taste less bitter and more peppery. Rich in beta-carotene that can be further converted to Vitamin A by our body. Mustard leaves are also enriched in phytonutrients that help the cells of our liver and other organs from bad radical damages. 

Absolute delight for the Punjabi community as Makke di Roti with Sarso da Saag is one of their cultural identities.

Fenugreek Leaves

Like mustard greens, it is the leaf of the same plant that produces fenugreek. It is nature’s green blessing to mankind. It has a unique flavour and peculiar odour. They taste delicious and are aromatic.  Apart from Vitamin K, C and A, they have Calcium, Riboflavin and Pyridoxine. It contains powerful antioxidants and has surprising health benefits.

Make simple vegetables out of it, Methi ka paratha, Thepla, Fritters, Add the leaves in salad and much more.




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