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Aditi Agarwal’s journey from being a NIFTian ranker to a Josh App creator.

Reason Why didn’t Aditi Agarwal join NIFT even after getting the rank?

After completing schooling, Aditi Agrawal AKA Crafter Aditi was all set to fulfill her dream of being a NIFTian. She did secure an AIR 265 rank, but due to her unfavorable financial conditions, she couldn’t join and lied to everyone saying she was homesick. “Deep down inside I was shattered because bohot bada sapna toot gaya tha but anyhow I tranquilized and told myself that “Aditi you are not made to be a ‘part’ of the crowd, you are born to be the ‘reason’ of the crowd like the ordinary person,” she says as that incident changed her course of life.

Beginning of Aditi Agarwal becoming a creator

Aditi Agarwal didn’t waste even a single day and started working on her venture of selling handmade cards and gifts pan-India, because she remembered that her art teacher told her once in school that she was so creative and innovative that she can smoothly earn bread for herself and her family by selling out her handmade greeting cards.

That was it! A reversal proved to be the fuel in Aditi’s journey. Aditi Agarwala soon had a Facebook page with the name “Ayushi Aditi Card Zone”. Ayushi is Aditi’s elder sister. Aditi received lots of love and response from the people and for continuous two years, she sold her creativity all over India. But haters are everywhere and Aditi said that even in her journey there were many haters who tried and criticize to pull her down, but she face them all and sold cards even for ₹80.

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“I told myself “Aditi this is the reason why you couldn’t join NIFT even got a better rank because you are born to be here”,” Aditi Agrawal says.

Struggles in Aditi Agarwal’s Journey

Everything was smooth until social media apps got banned in 2020 June. YouTube got stuck at 256k, Instagram views froze, and Reels took over Instagram. She couldn’t find a way to stand out. She was hit with a setback, but it was harder this time because she had a taste of success. Aditi, a crafter, started doubting her talent and her existence after she lost hope. She was rescued by Josh.

Rising with Josh

Joining India’s leading short-video app kept Aditi Agarwal busy and more importantly, it kept her going. At the lowest point of her life, Josh came as a knight in shining armor as the desi and Indian app helped her continue creating content. As difficult as it was to stay positive, she kept working hard every single day and stayed in her room most of the time. She says those two years were very harsh.
In the year 2022, when things didn’t seem to change for any good, Aditi replaced her username across all social media accounts platforms with ‘Crafter Aditi’. Looked like the painful efforts were beginning to pay off when she started posting videos daily everywhere 
“Aditi maane kabhi kabhi sare jahaan me andhera hota hai, lekin raat ke baad hi to savera hota hai,” she quoted a song, sharing her happiness and her success mantra.
She shares that success can only be achieved by hard work, persistence, and knowing your self-worth. Aditi also says that Josh has been her launchpad to her second innings in her career. “I will forever be thankful to Josh who kept me going. It’s been two years and I’m still working with Josh and what a pleasure to have such a great team who supports in all aspects “shares an excited Aditi, adding that Josh knew Aditi’s true worth and also of her art. Now over 7 Million fans and 42 Million likes she has won millions of hearts on the Desi app JOSH.

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But above all, Aditi Agarwal credits her fans, well-wishers, and supporters’ unconditional love for what she is today. Aditi says they are the ones who made me ‘Crafter Aditi’.

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