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Cricket Fever Takes a Toll on Tiger 3 Box Office Collections: A Setback in Week 2

The much-anticipated film ‘Tiger 3’ faced a significant setback in its box office performance, losing a substantial portion of business post-noon on the weekend of the IND vs AUS cricket match.

Dented Box Office Numbers

The business for ‘Tiger 3’ in the second week witnessed a considerable dent in earnings, attributed to the intense cricket clash. The numbers for Friday stood at ₹13 crore, Saturday at ₹18.25 crore, and Sunday at ₹10.25 crore, totaling ₹224.50 crore in the Hindi version, reflecting the impact of the cricket match on the film’s earnings.

Hindi Version Takes a Hit

The Hindi version of ‘Tiger 3’ bore the brunt of the cricket match, experiencing a significant drop in business afternoon, affecting the overall box office figures for the film.

Regional Impact on Tamil and Telugu Versions

The impact wasn’t limited to the Hindi version alone, as the Tamil and Telugu versions of ‘Tiger 3’ also saw a decline in collections during Week 2. Friday saw ₹25 lakhs, Saturday ₹50 lakhs, and Sunday ₹25 lakhs, bringing the total to ₹6.25 crore.

The clash with the IND vs AUS cricket match resulted in a mixed weekend for ‘Tiger 3,’ with a dip in box office numbers and a challenging recovery ahead for the film’s overall performance.

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