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Do Not Eat This Fruit an Empty Stomach


Most of the people know this thing that caffeinated foods should not be consumed on an empty stomach, but did you know that some fruits also come in this list. Yes, it may sound awkward to you, but it is true that consuming some fruits on an empty stomach can harm health. Care should also be taken when consuming fruits. Here we are telling you a few fruits which you should avoid to eat empty stomach.

People who love fruits think that if they eat fruits at any time, they will get a benefit, but this thinking is absolutely wrong. There are some fruits that you can never consume. If you consume fruits with acid elements on an empty stomach, they can harm your health. On the other hand, if excessively sweet fruits are eaten in the morning like mango pear etc., then the sugar level of the body increases drastically which is the reason for the risk of diabetes.


Study say that mango should never be consumed on an empty stomach. Since sugar is found in high quantity in mango, which gets absorbed as soon as it goes into the body on an empty stomach, due to which the blood sugar level increases rapidly. Instead of benefiting, it can lead to harm your health.

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Pears is having rich fiber, which if consumed without eating anything can damage the mucous membranes present in the area near the stomach. This can harm the digestive system of our body. Therefore, do not pears on an empty stomach.


Litchi is also one of the fruits that are avoid eaten on an empty stomach, which rapidly increases the blood sugar level in the body. Due to this, there can also be a problem of gastric in the stomach.
It has been observed in various study, this can also give you pain in the stomach.


Avoid Banana in breakfast, many people like to eat banana empty stomach in the morning and they consider it as their breakfast but in this way this fruit harms health. Bananas are rich in magnesium, which lead the blood flow rapidly if eaten on an empty stomach. Due to increased blood flow, the amount of magnesium can be risky for the heart.


We have already said you that fruits with acid should be avoid eaten on an empty stomach. Since grapes are a citrus fruit in which a sufficient amount of acid interm of quantity. If you eat it empty, you may complain of burning sensation and gastric ulcer in the stomach. With the formation of gastric in the stomach, heart patients are also at risk of stroke and heart attack.

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Never eat oranges if you are an empty stomach. Because they are rich in Vitamin C. The citric acid present in it can also increase stomach irritation. So it would be better if you make it a part of your diet only after breakfast or lunch.

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