Easy Home Decorating Tips This Christmas


Transform your house to a winter wonderland and make it Christmas ready before Santa arrives. Use these tips to spruce up your home in cost effective methods and ideas.

Christmas is celebrated in almost all parts of the world and brings smiles to zillions of faces. The bliss to welcome the new year in no time heightens the joy. Winter breaks multiply the happiness and people start either to pack the bags or decorating their home to meet their loved ones.

Everyone wants to make the Christmas special and what could be the idea other than making your home a wonderland. Filled with the  zeal of the festival, you also want to turn dreams into reality, don’t you? But you also want your house to look different and not decorated typically red or while so what to do? Read more. 

How To Make Your Home CHRISTMASSY ?

Make sure you get a real Christmas tree as it doubles the feel. Use a tree skirt to jazz it up. Decorate it with colorful beads and small fairy lights. Keep mini dolls and Santa near the tree. Don’t pile up too many gifts there as it will cover the decoration.

  • Use Very little artificial snow flakes on the tree and avoid over decoration.
  • If you want to do things differently, use a dead tree and decorate it with curtain lights or small bulbs.
  • Place mini Christmas trees in every room of your house. You can put it on your study or office table too. 
  • Light up your curtains with falling fairy lights. Attach them to your blinds or curtain and allow them to trail down vertically. Ensure that no risk of fire occurs so read the manufacturer’s instructions and put them carefully. 
  • Don’t place too thick or fluffy rugs as it appears to consume the space. Use carpets and rugs that match the theme of Christmas.
  • Just because Red, White and Green are the typical colors of Christmas doesn’t mean that you can’t play with your imagination. Try using warm pink, cream and oranges. 
  • Use some DIY tips from the internet and apply them to your Christmas decor. 
  • Make sure you clean and declutter your house before starting the Christmas decoration.
  • Play with whites in your dining area. Use white, off white or ivory color for dining table accessories like tablescape, chair covers, cushions, cutlery and plate clothes etc. 
  • Use candles.
  • Add some artificial stars to certain walls or doors of your house to make it sparkling.
  • Place Christmas garland in a few corners. Cleverly tie a batch of festival foliage on the back of your chairs to get that festive feel.
  • Put a candy bowl on the center table along with a Christmas centerpiece. Take Christmas vibes inside your kitchen too. Place small Christmas trees and garlands wherever you find suitable. Stick Christmas theme fridge stickers. 
  • Fill a tray or basket with Christmas Decors and goodies and keep it on any table or near the window.
  • Make sure your guests feel welcomed with the sassy and classy decorations this Christmas.
  • Use a tiered tray to display Christmas feasts.

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