Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in India Reach 12,146: State-wise Breakdown

India’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure continues to expand, with the total number of charging stations reaching 12,146 as of February 2, 2024. Maharashtra emerges as the frontrunner with 3,079 charging stations, reflecting the state’s commitment to promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

Following Maharashtra, Delhi ranks second with 1,886 charging stations, showcasing the national capital’s proactive approach towards enhancing EV infrastructure. Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu also demonstrate significant progress, with 1,041, 852, and 643 charging stations respectively, contributing to India’s EV ecosystem.

Other states making notable strides include Uttar Pradesh (582), Rajasthan (500), Telangana (481), Gujarat (476), and Madhya Pradesh (341), highlighting a widespread effort to bolster EV charging infrastructure across the country. This concerted endeavor underscores India’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and combating environmental challenges associated with traditional fossil fuel vehicles.

With a growing network of charging stations nationwide, India is poised to facilitate greater convenience and accessibility for EV owners, further incentivizing the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable modes of transportation. As the EV landscape continues to evolve, continued investments and collaborative efforts are crucial to realizing India’s vision of a greener and more eco-friendly future.

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