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Home Remedies for Headache – Migration Relief


A person can bear the headache even once, but the pain of migraine is such in which the condition of the person becomes so bad that he does not even do any work.

The pain of migraine is unbearable, due to which even simple tasks start feeling like a big task to the person. Although doctors give many effective medicines to the patient for migraine, but dependence on them is not good. We are telling about some useful home remedies which can give you relief in this pain.


Take four ice cubes and wrap them in a napkin or handkerchief. Lie on the bed and place ice on your head. Leave it for about 15 minutes, you will feel relief. 10 Home Remedies for Swollen Feet

Heating pad

Use a heating pad if your migraine is triggered by tension. Keep compressing the head with light pressure. Within ten minutes you will start feeling relief.


Drink tea or coffee so that the caffeine can get into your body, which helps relieve pain. However, keep in mind that in this situation you drink only one cup of caffeine, otherwise it can cause harm. Leishmaniasis: How to Treat Leishmaniasis Disease


Take a small piece of ginger and press it between the teeth. Keep sucking its juice. A study has found that ginger helps in reducing as well as preventing the increase of migraine pain.

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Take a few drops of oil on your hand and massage it on your forehead and neck area. This will relax your nerves, due to which you will feel relief in pain within half an hour.

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