Shaft-Driven Bikes in India: Your Bike Sales Will Double


Maybe you’re a bike enthusiast, or maybe you’re just looking for a new fresh take on biking that might make your current road bike look dorky. This article is the perfect destination to introduce you to the world of shaft-driven biking and learn how they are different from traditional drive transmission methods.

Why are shaft driven bikes in India such a great idea?

The main reason why is down below. Have you ever wondered when the sales go through the roof on those darn shaft-Driven Bikes? Well, the key is how well they sell and maintain the product like crazy.

How to Sell Shaft Bikes to Customers

Many countries around the world have shied away from developing a bike market because of the lack of manufacturing capacities. Blade-driven bikes can address that problem effectively. There are 3 main advantages to wearing these bicycles:
• They’re very safe
• They’re energy efficient
• They provide company loyalty and customer satisfaction

10 Great Reasons to Consider Shaft-Driven Bikes

 Shaft-Driven Mobilityâ offer superior economic, health and safety benefits for anyone who rides a bicycle.  The first reason is the increased sales that are achievable with easier acceptance of a shaft-driven bike!

Common Features of Many Shaft-Driven Bikes

Many Indian companies are beginning to make speed, ardour and power (these machines can often be found being ridden by people at traffic signals) accessible to masses who could never afford a Harley Davidson.

Receiving, Parts, and Service: What About LBS?

The next time you are going to buy a bike, think about if you will be the one changing the oil and giving rides – or just keeping it in your garage. Shaft-driven bicycles in India are gaining popularity quickly due to their reliability. The bikes have fixed gears as well as single speed drive train that helps reduce maintenance costs. They also sport a better frame, caliper brakes, front discs, and front and rear panniers.

The Downside of Cycle Sales in India

For a high-volume bike market, India is an ideal location for cycle retailers. The sales skyrocket to as much as $300 million every year. However, most of the demand for cycles ends up in the already saturated lower-cost bicycle segment that discourages young customers from spending their hard-earned money on a new one.


The first thing one has to understand with any sales idea is that if people don’t buy it, they won’t come back, and cannot be reasoned with later. Get the foot traffic coming in today and referrals coming in tomorrow!

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