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Shri Ram Raag Seva: Manipuri Dance & Classical Singing Today

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As part of the Shri Ram Raag Seva at the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, renowned dancer Darshana Jhaveri will present Manipuri dance, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India. Alongside, celebrated classical singer Shri Rahul Deshpande will offer his rendition of bhajans, abhangs, and classical music to honor Shri Ramlala Sarkar.

Darshana Jhaveri’s performance promises to captivate audiences with the graceful movements and intricate choreography characteristic of Manipuri dance. Through her artistry, she will pay homage to Lord Rama, adding a vibrant dimension to the spiritual atmosphere of the Ram Mandir.

Simultaneously, Rahul Deshpande’s soulful singing will evoke devotion and reverence as he renders traditional bhajans and abhangs dedicated to Shri Ramlala Sarkar. His melodious voice will resonate within the sacred precincts of the temple, creating an ambiance of serenity and devotion.

Both Darshana Jhaveri and Rahul Deshpande’s contributions to the Shri Ram Raag Seva exemplify the profound cultural significance of music and dance in expressing devotion and reverence towards Lord Rama. Their performances promise to enrich the spiritual experience of devotees gathered at the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, forging a deeper connection with the divine through the medium of art.

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