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UK And US Energy Secretaries Meet To Pledge Greater Energy Independence.

The United Kingdom and the United States are joining forces to deliver a cleaner, cheaper, and more secure energy future, according to Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps and US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. The two officials met in London for the first time and pledged to work towards greater energy independence, with the UK switching to home-grown sources like nuclear and renewables.

Shapps emphasized that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had highlighted the need for greater energy independence and that the UK would achieve this by increasing its use of renewables and nuclear power. The two secretaries of state also expressed their support for Ukraine and its citizens in their fight against the Russian invasion, which has caused unprecedented global rises in energy prices.

The meeting between the two officials comes at a critical moment for the global energy market, given Russia’s targeting of Ukraine’s energy system. Shapps and Granholm spoke about how the war had reminded countries around the world that without cheaper, greener, and more secure energy, there is no route to long-term prosperity for any nation.

The two officials also affirmed their shared belief in the importance of democratic and free nations and pledged to work together to undermine Putin’s ability to fund his illegal war through Russian oil and petroleum product exports. They also plan to support their European partners in their efforts to end reliance on Russian energy.

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The move towards renewables and other green energy sources, as well as the need to tackle climate change, were key topics discussed at a dedicated Green Investors Roundtable, which was chaired by both secretaries of state. The Round Table Conference offered opportunities for joint investment by British and American companies.

Both countries are laying the foundations for a shared approach to energy that drives growth and brings down bills to protect businesses and households from volatile oil and gas markets. The UK government is making significant progress towards creating a cheaper, cleaner energy system that increases the country’s energy independence. For example, the UK recently completed the world’s largest offshore wind farm, generating cheap, renewable electricity for British homes and businesses. The country has also taken historic steps in investing a direct stake in a nuclear project’s development for the first time since 1987, which will create the home-grown energy of the future.

In the US, solar power developers are planning to install a record 29.1 GW of utility-scale capacity in 2023 alone, almost triple the previous year. States like Georgia are benefiting from new jobs in electric vehicle and battery manufacturing, and California is eyeing new transmission networks to connect floating offshore wind to the West Coast power grid.

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Shapps emphasized his ambition for lower wholesale electricity prices in the longer term, while Granholm highlighted the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to advancing new energy technologies and diversifying fuel sources through the deployment of clean energy. The two officials pledged to work together to strengthen the historic ties of cooperation between their two countries, while also supporting their shared clean energy ambitions that will deliver homegrown security and greater independence.

Source: Gov[Dot]UK

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