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Govardhan Puja-A Ritual to Honour Lord Krishna

Goverdhan Puja is a ritual celebrated annually in honour of Lord Krishna. The festival commemorates the occasion when Lord Krishna lifted the Goverdhan Hill to protect the people of Vrindavan from a storm.

What is Govardhan Puja?

Govardhan Puja is an important Hindu festival celebrated in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The festival is dedicated to the worship of Lord Krishna, who is said to have lifted the Govardhan mountain on his little finger to protect the people of Vrindavan from a deluge sent by Indra, the king of the heavens.

Why is Govardhan Puja celebrated?

Govardhan Puja is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna, who is said to have lifted the Govardhan Hill on his little finger to protect the people of Vrindavan from Indra’s wrath.

This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India, especially in the Braj region where Lord Krishna is believed to have spent his childhood. Huge mounds of cow dung are piled up to represent the Govardhan Hill, and puja is offered to Lord Krishna. The festival also marks the beginning of the harvest season in many parts of India.

How is Govardhan Puja performed?

A principal ritual performed during Annakut is the Govardhan Puja. The Govardhan Puja is one segment of the day-long Annakut festival, although some texts treat Govardhan Puja and Annakut as synonymous.

In India, the Govardhan Puja is performed in many different ways. In one variant of the ritual, a god (Lord Krishna) is made out of cow dung in a horizontal position. After completing the structure, it is decorated with earthernlamps (deepak or diya), seenkh (a material used for broom chaffs), and candles.

After worshipping, the lord’s structure is fed by the bhaktas or worshippers, and the ladies fast. Prayers are also made to Lord Govardhan for strength and guidance. According to the Bhagavata Purana, Govardhan Puja is mainly recognized with Krishna lifting the Govardhan Hill on his finger to protect those who sought his refuge from Indra’s heavy rain.

What are the benefits of Govardhan Puja?

There are many benefits to Govardhan Puja, including the following:

1. Govardhan Puja helps to cleanse and purify the environment.

2. Govardhan Puja helps to reduce the negative effects of pollution.

3. Govardhan Puja helps to reduce the negative effects of climate change.

4. Govardhan Puja helps to create a positive energy field around the home or place of worship.

5. Govardhan Puja helps to promote peace and harmony in the world.

The Govardhan Puja festival is a beautiful way to honour Lord Krishna and celebrate his many blessings. The ritual is a special way to show your gratitude for all that he has done for you.

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