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JSW Infrastructure IPO: Key Dates, Price Band, Lot Size, and Investment Details

The JSW Infrastructure IPO is generating significant buzz in the financial markets, promising exciting opportunities for investors. Let’s delve into the details of this IPO, providing you with a 100% unique insight into its key aspects:

Opening Date: 25 Sep

The JSW Infrastructure IPO commenced its journey on September 25, offering investors the chance to subscribe and become a part of this exciting venture.

Closing Date: 27 Sep

Investors had until September 27 to finalize their subscriptions for the JSW Infrastructure IPO. The closing date marked the end of the subscription period.

Price Band: INR 113 to 119

The price band for this IPO was set at INR 113 to INR 119 per share, offering investors a range of options to participate in the offering.

Lot Size: 126

Investors were required to purchase shares in lots, with each lot consisting of 126 shares. This lot size allowed flexibility in investment options.

Investment: INR 14,994

For investors opting for the minimum lot size at the lower end of the price band, the total investment amounted to INR 14,994. This provided accessibility to a wide range of investors.

Market Capitalization (Mcap): 24,990 Crore

The market capitalization of JSW Infrastructure, based on the IPO price, reached an impressive INR 24,990 Crore, highlighting the scale of the company’s operations.

IPO Size: INR 2,800 Cr

The JSW Infrastructure IPO had a total offering size of INR 2,800 Crore, making it a substantial public offering in the Indian market.

Fresh Issue: INR 2,800 Cr

The entire IPO comprised a fresh issue of shares, with the company raising INR 2,800 Crore for its future endeavors.

Retail Allocation: 10%

A significant portion of the IPO was allocated to retail investors, with 10% of the shares reserved for this category of investors.

Allotment Date: 03 Oct

The allotment date, scheduled for October 3, was when investors would discover how many shares they were allocated from their subscription.

Registrar: Kfin Tech

Kfin Tech, a reputable registrar in the Indian financial industry, managed the IPO’s registrar services, ensuring a smooth process for investors.

Listing Date: 06 Oct

JSW Infrastructure was set to debut on the stock exchanges on October 6, when its shares would be available for trading.

Listing Exchanges: NSE, BSE

The shares of JSW Infrastructure were listed on two of India’s leading stock exchanges, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

The JSW Infrastructure IPO presented a remarkable investment opportunity, and investors were keenly watching as the company ventured into the market. With its significant market capitalization and fresh issue, it promised to be a prominent addition to the Indian stock market landscape.

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