Kane Williamson Captaincy Record, Do You Know?


The first time we saw Kane Williamson’s name in the top three of the ICC Test Rankings was in December 2017. A few months after New Zealand became the joint-best T20I side ever.

The Kane Williamson captaincy record

Kane Williamson has captained New Zealand for 6 years and has held a record of 20 consecutive ODI wins. This is in comparison to the previous holder of the captaincy, Ross Taylor who only won 10 consecutive ODIs.

To what extent has the captaincy record helped New Zealand?

The captaincy record of Kane Williamson has given New Zealand a lot of success with the bat. This can be seen in the ICC rankings, where New Zealand have been ranked first in the world on two occasions and second on the third. The captaincy record has also helped to ensure that the team is successful with the ball as they are one of only four teams; that have not conceded more than 300 runs in their first ten innings since Williamson took over.

How long can a player expect to remain in the job?

There is no set length of time a player should expect to remain in the job. However, it can be expected that some players will end up with the Captaincy after a long period of time.

Thoughts on the future of the captaincy

The first edition of this kind of blog was in 2011, and it has been updated as recently as 2017. The article is intended to discuss how the captaincy has evolved over time; and what needs to change in yet another challenge to take on. One thing that remains constant throughout the long life of this blog; and must be done in the future, is a need for a strong leadership unit which includes the captain.


Despite New Zealand losing the Test series against Sri Lanka, Captain Kane Williamson’s record speaks for itself. He has led his team to 24 consecutive Test wins and scored more than 9,000 runs; since his debut in 2014 which is a long way off from any other player in the world.

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