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Pizza Consumption Stats: Highs and Lows Across World

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Pizza Consumption: Pizza, a beloved culinary creation known for its delectable combination of dough, cheese, and a variety of toppings, has made its way into the hearts and stomachs of people across the globe. But have you ever wondered which countries consume the most pizza per capita and which ones consume the least? Let’s take a slice out of the data and explore the top 5 and bottom 5 pizza-consuming nations according to the World Population Review.

The Heavy Hitters

1. Norway – 11.4 kg/person/year

At the top of the list, we find Norway, a country that wholeheartedly embraces pizza, consuming an impressive 11.4 kilograms per person annually. Norwegians clearly have a penchant for this Italian import.

2. United States – 9.6 kg/person/year

The United States, renowned for its diverse culinary landscape, claims the second spot. With 9.6 kilograms per person per year, it’s evident that pizza has secured a special place in American hearts and diets.

3. Canada – 8.9 kg/person/year

Canada takes the bronze with 8.9 kilograms per person each year. Canadians, much like their southern neighbors, savor the delightful combination of pizza’s flavors.

4. Australia – 8.6 kg/person/year

Down under, Australians enjoy a generous 8.6 kilograms of pizza per person every year. Pizza has become a staple in the Australian diet.

5. Italy – 7.6 kg/person/year

Unsurprisingly, Italy, the birthplace of pizza, rounds out the top five. Italians consume 7.6 kilograms of pizza per person each year. While they may not top the list, their quality over quantity is a testament to their mastery of the pizza craft.

The Light Eaters

Now, let’s turn our attention to the bottom five pizza consumers:

1. India – 1.3 kg/person/year

India takes the lead as the country with the lowest pizza consumption, at just 1.3 kilograms per person per year. With a rich culinary heritage of its own, pizza is still finding its place in Indian cuisine.

2. Estonia – 2.5 kg/person/year

Estonia follows with a modest 2.5 kilograms per person annually. While it may not be a pizza powerhouse, pizza’s popularity is slowly growing in this Baltic nation.

3. Lithuania – 2.6 kg/person/year

Lithuania stands just slightly ahead, with a consumption rate of 2.6 kilograms per person each year. Pizza is making its mark in this Eastern European country.

4. Slovenia – 2.7 kg/person/year

Slovenia is next on the list, with 2.7 kilograms per person per year. Pizza is gaining ground, but traditional dishes still hold a special place in Slovenian hearts.

5. Slovakia – 2.8 kg/person/year

Slovakia wraps up the bottom five, with a consumption rate of 2.8 kilograms per person annually. Pizza is becoming more popular, yet it has not yet overtaken the country’s traditional dishes.

The data shows that pizza, though originating in Italy, has truly become a global favorite. Whether it’s the pizza-loving Norwegians or those in India who have yet to fully embrace it, one thing is clear: pizza’s appeal knows no bounds, and it continues to bring people together, one delicious slice at a time.

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