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PM Modi: AI and innovation – the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence Summit 2023

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In an invitation resonating with enthusiasm, PM Modi extended a warm welcome to individuals worldwide to participate in the upcoming Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit 2023. Scheduled to commence on the 12th of December, the summit promises to be a captivating exploration of the strides made in AI and innovation globally.

AI’s Transformative Impact:

Addressing the global community, PM Modi reflected on our dynamic era, marked by decades of rapid innovation and the realization of once-imaginative concepts. Amid this whirlwind of progress, Artificial Intelligence stands out as an arena where applications are expanding at an exponential rate.

India’s Position in the AI Landscape:

PM Modi expressed confidence in India’s role in the AI revolution, particularly as one of the youngest nations, boasting a vibrant start-up ecosystem and a pool of talented minds. He highlighted India’s potential to actively contribute to the evolution of AI, setting the stage for a not-so-distant future.

India’s AI Contributions:

Emphasizing India’s unique contributions, PM Modi outlined solutions that are scalable, secure, affordable, sustainable, and replicable globally. The Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) initiative was cited as a prime example of pioneering efforts, showcasing India’s commitment to innovative solutions on the world stage.

India’s Leap in Technology:

PM Modi drew parallels between India’s rapid technological advancement in the last decade, particularly in the realm of mobile and internet connectivity, and the nation’s aspirations in the field of AI. He underscored India’s efforts to use AI for various productive purposes, from personalized education to accessible healthcare and informed agriculture.

India’s Inclusive Approach:

Highlighting India’s commitment to equitable and inclusive growth, PM Modi emphasized that when India grows, innovates, and leads, it does so to ensure that no one is left behind. In the context of AI, India’s approach aims to create a universal understanding and a conducive environment for AI’s responsible development and use.

India’s Leadership in GPAI:

As the co-founder of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), India has been actively involved in initiatives to foster the responsible development and use of AI. PM Modi reaffirmed India’s commitment as the Lead Chair of GPAI, pledging to harness technology, particularly AI, for the welfare of people globally.

The Summit’s Offerings:

The GPAI Summit 2023 promises engaging sessions, including the AI Expo, featuring 150 startups showcasing their strengths. With a focus on Safe and Trusted AI, the summit aims to provide a platform for nations to collaborate on regulatory frameworks that ensure widespread and enduring implementation.

PM Modi’s invitation sets the stage for a groundbreaking exploration of AI’s potential at the GPAI Summit 2023. The event is not only an opportunity to witness technological advancements but also a platform for global collaboration towards the responsible and inclusive development of Artificial Intelligence.

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