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Seismic Activity Strikes Arunachal Pradesh: NCS Reports Magnitude 3.6 Earthquake

In a recent report from the National Center for Seismology, Arunachal Pradesh experienced a seismic event, with an earthquake of magnitude 3.6 striking the region. The incident occurred on November 20, 2023, at 13:48:07 IST, with the epicenter located in Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh.

Magnitude 3.6 Earthquake: Key Details

The earthquake registered a magnitude of 3.6 on the Richter scale, indicating a moderate level of seismic activity. The depth of the quake was reported to be 44 km beneath the Earth’s surface. The precise coordinates of the epicenter were recorded at 27.25 latitude and 96.02 longitude.

Location: Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh

Changlang, a district in Arunachal Pradesh, found itself at the epicenter of the seismic activity. As the region grapples with the aftermath of the earthquake, there are concerns about the potential impact on local communities and infrastructure.

Alert from the National Center for Seismology

The National Center for Seismology promptly issued an alert following the earthquake, urging residents and authorities to remain vigilant. Seismologists are closely monitoring the situation to assess any potential aftershocks or related seismic activity.

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