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The IPO Game: Decoding GMP for Profitable Investments

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) continue to draw the attention of investors and financial enthusiasts alike. The Grey Market Premium (GMP) of IPOs is a key metric that provides insights into market sentiment and demand for these newly offered shares. In this article, we’ll explore the GMP of some current and upcoming IPOs to gauge investor interest and excitement.

1. ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO

Price: ₹60 per share
IPO GMP: ₹24-40%
GMP %: 40%

ESAF Small Finance Bank’s IPO has garnered significant interest in the market. The Grey Market Premium for this IPO stands at ₹24-40%, which indicates a strong demand for the bank’s shares. ESAF Small Finance Bank caters to the financial needs of underbanked and unbanked sections, making it an attractive investment proposition.

2. Ask Automotive IPO

Price: ₹282 per share
IPO GMP: ₹57-20%
GMP %: 20%

Ask Automotive is another IPO generating attention among investors. With an IPO price of ₹282 per share and a GMP of ₹57-20%, the company is poised to make a substantial market debut. Ask Automotive specializes in automotive components, and its IPO reflects the optimism surrounding India’s automobile sector.

3. Protean eGov Technologies IPO

Price: ₹792 per share
IPO GMP: ₹102-13%
GMP %: 13%

Protean eGov Technologies is set to enter the market with an IPO priced at ₹792 per share. The GMP for this IPO is ₹102-13%, indicating solid investor interest. The company’s focus on providing technology solutions for governance and e-governance projects aligns with India’s growing digital transformation initiatives.

4. Tata Technologies IPO

Price: To Be Announced (TBA)
IPO GMP: ₹270

Tata Technologies, a part of the esteemed Tata Group, is gearing up for its IPO. While the IPO price is yet to be announced, the Grey Market Premium is ₹270, showcasing strong market anticipation. The company’s wide-ranging services in engineering and design solutions have positioned it as a key player in the industry.

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