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Think! Campaign Urges Drivers To Consider Road Conditions And Avoid The Dangers Of Speeding

Road safety experts are urging drivers to be aware of the potential risks of driving too fast for the given road conditions. A campaign launched on March 6, 2023. Statistics show that male drivers aged 17 to 24 are four times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than drivers aged 25 or over, which is why the campaign titled “Is pushing it worth it?” is aimed at this young demographic. The campaign aims to counteract overconfidence among younger drivers and remind them that while speeding is an issue, it is just as important to not drive slightly faster than the speed limit or too quickly for the conditions of the road.

Research findings reveal that 60% of all serious and fatal collisions involving young male car drivers occur on rural roads. Furthermore, less than half (43%) of young men consider exceeding the speed limit to be unacceptable, while over two-thirds (68%) see drunk driving as unacceptable, and over half (52%) think using a mobile without handsfree is unacceptable. Safety experts are raising concerns about this attitude towards speeding, especially since speeding accounts for around one in four fatal collisions.

The government is working to enhance road safety with a special focus on rural roads. The Safer Roads Fund has provided £100 million to improve the 50 most dangerous roads in England, the majority of which are rural roads. Some of the improvements made so far include better signage, safer pedestrian crossings, and better-designed junctions.

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Road Safety Minister Richard Holden stated that road safety is a priority for the government, and they are working to tackle unsafe driving habits and create some of the safest roads in the world. The campaign aims to highlight the dangers of relaxed driving attitudes on rural roads so that everyone recognizes that pushing the speed limit is just not worth it.

According to Dr. Gemma Briggs, Professor of Applied Cognitive Psychology at the Open University, most drivers consider themselves to be “better than average” at driving. Drivers may feel that their increased skill enables them to safely handle a bit of extra speed, even though others should not speed. However, young drivers have the added problem of a lack of driving experience, which increases the likelihood of their failure to notice hazards and being involved in a collision.

The recent research project “Driver2020,” which examines various ways of making young drivers safer, more confident, and more skillful in their first year of driving, is part of a wider range of safety initiatives by the campaign.

RAC road safety spokesman Simon Williams said speeding presents a clear and present danger to road safety, particularly on country roads where the number of collisions is high. THINK!’s award-winning road safety campaign has achieved another milestone with this campaign. the campaign, a dedicated road safety awareness campaign that aims to reduce deaths and serious injuries on UK roads.

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Source: Gov[Dot]UK

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