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UK: £6 Million Allocated to Enhance Coastal Resilience in South West Communities

The United Kingdom’s coastal communities are set to receive a significant boost in resilience with the announcement of £6 million in funding to combat the effects of coastal erosion. Floods Minister Rebecca Pow unveiled this funding allocation as part of the Coastal Transition Accelerator Programme, which is designed to empower communities to plan and adapt for the long term.

Strategic Funding Allocation

Charmouth and Swanage, located along Dorset’s picturesque Jurassic Coast, along with Bude in northeast Cornwall, have been selected as the latest recipients of funding under the Coastal Transition Accelerator Programme. This initiative, jointly managed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Environment Agency, aims to enhance the resilience of coastal communities and stimulate economic growth.

Coastal Transition Accelerator Programme in Action

The Coastal Transition Accelerator Programme takes a proactive approach to addressing the challenges posed by coastal erosion. It includes interventions such as improving damaged community infrastructure, repurposing land in coastal erosion zones, and restoring habitats, including green buffer zones. These measures help communities adapt to the changing coastal environment and build resilience against climate-related impacts.

Extending the Reach to the South West

This funding announcement follows the successful launch of the Coastal Transition Accelerator Programme in East Riding of Yorkshire and North Norfolk last year. These regions were chosen due to having the highest proportion of properties at risk from coastal erosion in England. Now, the program is expanding to the South West, encompassing some of the UK’s most beautiful coastal towns and villages.

Preparing for Coastal Challenges

Coastal areas face unique challenges due to rising sea levels and increased storm surges. The South West region, including Cornwall, has been identified as particularly susceptible to relative sea level rise in the UK. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for the impacts of climate change on the coastline.

Paving the Way for Climate Resilience

The Coastal Transition Accelerator Programme is set to continue until March 2027, providing ample time to explore and test innovative solutions. A comprehensive evaluation of the program’s outcomes will inform future national policy directions and support local planning. This initiative aligns with the Environment Agency’s FCERM Strategy, which seeks to create climate-resilient communities and protect homes and businesses from flooding and coastal change.

A Holistic Approach to Coastal Resilience

In addition to this funding, the Environment Agency is investing £38 million in regional monitoring to better understand coastal changes and climate-related risks. Furthermore, the agency has allocated £25 million to support natural flood management schemes across England, promoting techniques like tree planting and wetland creation to mitigate flooding and enhance environmental quality.

Source: Gov[Dot]UK

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