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VIRAL: 80-Year-Old Viral Exam Paper Leaves College Experts Stunned

Education methods have undergone a significant transformation over the years. Today, the way subjects are taught in schools is much more accessible compared to the past. In earlier times, students did not have access to smart classrooms and Google, but today’s children have access to all these amenities, making it easier for them to excel in subjects such as mathematics, science, commerce, and economics. Recently, a viral question paper from a 5th-grade examination has left even college-educated experts in commerce scratching their heads.

Viral commerce question paper:

What’s astonishing is that this viral 5th-grade question paper appears to be from a bygone era, dating back to 1943-44, marked as ‘Class Five.’ The paper carries a total score of 100, with a minimum of 33 marks required to pass. Only 10 questions are given in the paper, with a generous time allowance of 2.30 hours to answer them.

Notably, a note on the viral question paper states, “Write the names of the following questions, and solve them as per the teacher’s method, and attempt any eight questions.” It’s mandatory to solve 8 out of the 10 provided questions. This viral post on Twitter was shared by retired IAS officer Badri Lal Svarnakar on May 2nd of this year.

What’s perplexing is that this question paper includes various types of questions related to commerce, such as inquiries about the price of gold and the value of paper. This phenomenon highlights the stark contrast between the learning methods of the past and the contemporary educational tools available to students today.

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