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Amit Shah Addresses Small Farmers At The 49th Dairy Industry Conference.

On the 18th of March The 49th Dairy Industry Conference, organized by the Indian Dairy Association in Gandhinagar, witnessed an insightful address by Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister of India. Shah emphasized the vital role played by the dairy industry in empowering small farmers and promoting rural development.

Shah lauded the Indian dairy industry’s growth in recent years, highlighting its contribution to the country’s economic development. He stated that the dairy industry has emerged as a crucial sector, generating employment opportunities and providing a stable source of income for millions of rural households.

Furthermore, Shah emphasized the dairy industry’s significant impact on small-scale farmers, empowering them by providing a sustainable source of income and facilitating access to markets. He commended the sector’s efforts to ensure the welfare of dairy farmers by providing them with necessary resources and support services.

Shah also praised the Indian Dairy Association’s efforts to promote dairy farming and develop the industry through research and innovation. He encouraged the association to continue its efforts in empowering small farmers and promoting rural development through the dairy sector.

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Shah’s address at the 49th Dairy Industry Conference highlighted the dairy industry’s significant role in promoting rural development and empowering small farmers. His insights emphasized the importance of supporting the sector’s growth and development, ensuring that it continues to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for rural households.

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