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Anupama: Tensions Escalate as Vanraj Threatens Malti Devi in Upcoming Episode

The popular TV serial ‘Anupama’ continues its streak of gripping drama, maintaining a firm grip on the TRP charts. With each episode, the Shah and Kapadia households find themselves embroiled in new conflicts, portraying the complexities of their relationships.

In the latest episode of this Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer, viewers witnessed Dimple and Samar’s car purchase, sparking turmoil in the Shah household and leading to an altercation between Samar and his elder brother Toshu. As the narrative unfolds, Vanraj’s simmering anger reaches a boiling point, setting the stage for an intense confrontation with Malti Devi.

Vanraj’s Fiery Ultimatum to Malti Devi

In an upcoming episode of ‘Anupama,’ the tensions between the characters reach a new crescendo. Following Samar and Toshu’s clash, Vanraj Shah seeks out Malti Devi at her Gurukul. With a threatening tone, he warns her to distance herself from his family affairs. Vanraj’s words carry a veiled promise of retaliation, as he vows to unleash turmoil upon her life comparable to the fire of Lanka. Asserting his determination, Vanraj departs, prompting Guru Maa to send a threatening message to Anupama, hinting at her intentions to disrupt Vanraj’s life.

Anupama’s Resolute Response

As the story unfolds, Anupama confronts Vanraj about his ominous encounter with Malti Devi. She advocates for a more diplomatic approach, urging him to consider the potential consequences of his actions.

Dimple and Samar also voice their opinions, only to bear the brunt of Anupama’s frustration. Anupama’s determination to maintain family unity compels her to reprimand them, instructing them to go on a drive and cool off. Vanraj, however, remains steadfast in his stance, vowing to retaliate against Malti Devi’s perceived transgressions.

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