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Dramatic Twist in Anupama: Car Accident Puts Anupama and Family in Danger

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The popular TV serial “Anupama” has captivated audiences with the chemistry between Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s characters. Fans lovingly refer to them as ‘Maan’ in the show. However, a major twist is on the horizon as the makers introduce a leap to stabilize the declining TRP of the show. This leap promises to reshape the lives of Anupama and Anuj completely, but not before a lot of chaos unfolds in the storyline. Let’s find out the intricacies of the upcoming episode.

Accident Due to Little Anu’s Antics:

In the upcoming episode of the TV serial “Anupama,” viewers will witness Anupama, Kinjal, Little Anu, and Pari returning home from a picnic in a car. Just then, Vanraj Shah calls Kinjal, but she ignores the call. Meanwhile, Anupamaa holds Little Anu in her lap, and as they are about to reach home, Little Anu insists on coming to Anupama’s lap in the car. This leads to a series of events, causing Kinjal to lose her balance, and the car collides with a pillar. Fortunately, the car doesn’t fall into the pit, but as Anupamaa opens the door in panic, her foot slips into the pit.

Vanraj Shah’s Spectacle:

In the serial, Anupama gets extremely anxious, but she manages to keep her calm and thinks about how to get out of this situation. Meanwhile, Little Anu insists on getting out of the car in a huff, causing the car to slide towards the pit. Anupamaa rescues her daughter and scolds her. In the midst of all this, Vanraj Shah at Shah House witnesses this spectacle and taunts Anupamaa repeatedly. Not only that, he talks about going to find Kinjal with Toshu.

Anupama to the Rescue:

As the upcoming episodes progress, Anupama finds a way to bring Kinjal back to consciousness and lifts her out of the car. Meanwhile, Little Anu, still upset, keeps insisting on coming out of the car, making the situation even more challenging. Despite the chaos, Anupama remains composed and manages to bring her daughter to safety. The serial will continue to unfold with Anupamaa facing adversity but emerging victorious in saving lives.

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