Fun Facts About Animals


Did you know that there are more than 10,000 animal species on Earth? Did you know that a single ant colony can contain more than 100,000 ants? Did you know that a rabbit’s heart beats 60 times per minute? Take a look at the following fun facts and learn everything there is to know about animals!

What are Animals?

Animals are warm-blooded animals that have the ability to regulate their internal body temperature. They also differ from other living things by having a life cycle. Animals are living things that have a body, a mouth, and (usually) at least four limbs.

They can be either vertebrates or invertebrates. The word animal comes from the Latin root anima meaning “breath” because they need to breathe and eat in order to survive


Leeches are not worms. They are not insects. They are anything but those things. Leeches are marine animals that have evolved to feed on the blood of other animals and suck out as much nutrients as possible. Leeches are probably the most common creature in nature, but that doesn’t mean they’re not creepy.

These blood-sucking worm-like creatures use their long proboscis to hold onto a host and drain their blood. They have no eyes or mouth, and breathe through their skin.


Snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica. There are over 3,000 living species of snakes and they have existed for a long time. Snakes evolved from lizards or early amphibians millions of years ago. The term “snake” comes from the word “sneak”, which means to steal or move stealthily. Snakes aren’t just slithery. They have a camouflage system to hide from predators.

The scientific name for this is counter-illumination camouflage or CI camo. Some snakes are completely black while others can change their colors to look like the sky, sand, or even rocks.


Crows are known for their intelligence and their ability to learn from other crows. They can even solve complex problems, like figuring out how to steal food from a farmer’s hoarding. These animals also have an impressive memory and can remember the songs that they hear for up to several years.

Crows use their beaks to carry out tasks, such as digging for food and fighting other crows. They can also communicate by using “caw” calls. Crow is the only bird that can make a nest on water. They typically build nests in dead trees and twigs, but they will also make one out of leaves in trees. Crows are known to have memory spans of four years, which means they’ll remember events that happened four years ago.

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