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JoshMusicFest Rocks World Music Day 2023: A Resounding Celebration!

World Music Day was celebrated last month on 21st June 2023, across the world. The day is designated to pay homage to music, a commodity that plays a significant part in everybody’s life. Music is the substance of life, and Music Day is about realizing the power of music and participating in it with others.

Since India is a land of diversity with varied societies, every region has its own unique musical form. To celebrate the special occasion, Josh also did a commodity special for its druggies and generators.

Josh, a homegrown Indian short videotape app, has established itself as the leader in the request, cementing its dominance with a vast and passionate stoner community. Both generators and observers find the app’s immolations immensely gratifying, icing its strong position in the assiduity. To make its presence felt, Josh frequently introduces instigative challenges for the druggies.

To do a commodity special for World Music Day, the Josh community invited all druggies to celebrate the day with the challenge#JoshMusicFest. As a part of the challenge, the music artists’ on the Josh app share in it with some fabulous cover songs. It handed a stage for the generators to showcase their gift.#JoshMusicFest entered a humongous response from its druggies with over18.3 k vids being made as a part of this challenge which got 1883.2 million views, and149.9 million hearts on the app.

Take a look at a few best videos from the artists here:




Midlaj, Hasan, Akash Gomkale, Saptak, and Prasoon are the 5 creators who won Josh hoodies and T-shirts for creating amazing content as a part of #JoshMusicFest.

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