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Nitin Gadkari Pays Tribute to Gurudev Ramchandra Ranade: A Philosopher Who Shaped Generations

On this solemn occasion of Gurudev Ramchandra Ranade’s memorial day, Nitin Gadkari, a prominent Indian politician and Minister of Road Transport and Highways, extends his heartfelt tribute to this revered philosopher. Recognizing Gurudev Ranade’s immense contributions to the field of philosophy and his role in preparing two generations of students, Gadkari acknowledges the lasting impact of his teachings.

Gurudev Ramchandra Ranade, born on 3rd July 1886, was a luminary in the realm of Indian philosophy and saint poetry. He dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge, leaving behind a rich legacy that continues to inspire and enlighten countless individuals. His profound understanding of Indian philosophy and his ability to express complex ideas in simple yet profound words made him a revered figure among scholars and seekers of wisdom.

Nitin Gadkari, known for his deep appreciation of Indian heritage and philosophy, highlights the invaluable contribution of Gurudev Ranade in shaping the minds of two generations. He states, “Gurudev Ramchandra Ranade has played a pivotal role in nurturing the intellect & wisdom of students, who have gone on to produce remarkable works on Indian philosophy & saintly poetry. His teachings have been instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding of our cultural heritage.”

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