Try Avoiding These Styling Mistakes


Still not getting those compliments which you expected? Or you just don’t feel that gorgeous that you thought you would look after purchasing that outfit? However, there are innumerable factors that can keep you away from a sassy look but don’t worry, we are here to clarify which styling mistakes you should avoid when you put your fashionable foot forward.

What does it take to look EVERSTYLISH?

It is not easy to look like an off duty supermodel even in your most stylish outfits. It adds the right sense of color combinations, the right beauty product and the right accessories.


Too Longer Sleeves Can make You Look Sloppy Sleeves that go beyond your fingers are both uncomfortable and look eerie. Sleeves must end slightly past your wrist bone. Too Much Rippings Can Make You Look Messy Outfits with rips and holes may be trending throughout the year, but one could look clumsy while wearing clothes with too much slits. Decently ripped outfits can surely add a cool factor to your appearance but too much cuts can spoil the look. Add glamorous accessories to your ripped outfits to enhance your look.

Don’t Over Or Under Accessorize

Right accessories in the right amount magnifies your peer. Accessories can update your looks instantly if worn in the right amount. Your earrings and necklace must be of decent size and color if you are wearing formals. But you can play with the color and size of your jewelry if you are partying or have a date night. Sometimes, a simple studded ring can bring you complements.

Never Go Full Retro

Complete vintage outfits may look like a costume rather than an apparel. Mix and match the older with a newer one and see the magic. Also faded outfits look artless so make sure to wear a defining color, no matter if it is nudely or lightly tinted.

Wear Well Fitted Outfits

Don’t wear a larger outfit for ease and never wear tighter stuff as it would cause uneasiness and make you look uncomfortable. Wear a well fitted or slightly loose one for that perfect look. A perfect fit makes your appearance decent and organized. It also reflects your persona. So choose the right fit always.

Never Cut Too Short

Yeah, not everyone can carry the shorter dresses as it takes a certain amount of confidence and body structure. There is no fun if you wear a deep cut dress and feel embarrassed for the parts coming out. Too much short dress or any revealing outfit will make you uneasy as you would be concentrated on correcting or concealing rather than enjoying. Follow the golden rule – If you are showing upper skin, cover the bottom and do vice versa. If you are bulky then don’t go micro. Wear shorts outfits that are slightly loose so that your curves can relax inside.

Finish Those Edges

Rippy edges are certainly in fashion but that doesn’t compliment every outfit. Make sure your apparels are properly stitched and no strands are coming out. Those loose threads can make you appear careless.

Put The Chic Foot Forward

Your shoes must be according to your outfit. You can’t wear heels on a beach, can you? So, the context is, you must complete your style with the right pair and style of shoes. Your outfit and occasion will explain it all. Also, wear only those footgears, in which you are comfortable andcould walk easily. Don’t wear heels if you slip on every third step.


Dress according to the atmosphere.Never wear the colors you don’t like. It will lower your confidence.
Always wear proper undergarments under any outfit.
Don’t copy a look with a completely different body shape.
Make sure your hair is scaled and dont dye it pink.
Try matching bags and shoes, play the rest unmatched.

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