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Uttarakhand to Introduce Uniform Civil Code Bill, Announces CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

Uniform Civil Code Bill: CM Pushkar Singh Dhami of Uttarakhand unveils plans to introduce a landmark Uniform Civil Code (UCC) bill in the state Assembly, emphasizing the pursuit of equal rights for all citizens. The proposed legislation reflects a significant step towards unifying personal laws and ensuring uniformity in legal rights and obligations.

Addressing the initiative, CM Dhami expresses pride in Uttarakhand’s pioneering role as the first state in India to embark on the path towards implementing the Uniform Civil Code Bill. The move underscores the state government’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and equality among its diverse populace.

The introduction of the Uniform Civil Code Bill signifies a crucial stride towards harmonizing various personal laws governing matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and succession. By streamlining legal frameworks, the legislation aims to promote social cohesion, uphold individual liberties, and eliminate discriminatory practices entrenched in traditional customs.

CM Dhami’s announcement resonates with the aspirations of Uttarakhand’s citizens, reflecting a collective endeavor to modernize legal systems and uphold constitutional principles of equality and justice. The proposed Uniform Civil Code Bill is poised to redefine the socio-legal landscape, fostering a more equitable and progressive society.

As Uttarakhand prepares to usher in this historic legislative reform, the state emerges as a beacon of change and innovation in India’s legal landscape. The proactive stance towards implementing the Uniform Civil Code underscores Uttarakhand’s commitment to advancing societal harmony and ensuring equal rights for all its residents.

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