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Viral Video: Man Grooves to ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ on London Metro Train

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Recently, an unusual sight captured the attention of commuters in the London Metro—an enthusiastic man dancing to the tunes of the iconic Bollywood track ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ from the movie ‘Dil Se.’ What’s more intriguing is that despite his spontaneous performance, none of the onlookers seemed to be the least bit bothered by his energetic dance moves.

A Dance That Went Viral

The captivating video of this impromptu dance routine was later uploaded to social media and quickly went viral. Instagram user @imjustbesti shared the video a week ago, and it has already garnered over 48k likes. The video’s caption humorously reads, “The Way Everyone in London Is So Unbothered By Anything.”

In the video, we witness a man dressed in formal attire, calmly seated in the Metro. Within seconds, he rises from his seat and begins to groove to the rhythm of the famous Bollywood track ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’. The track in question originally featured the iconic dance moves of Shah Rukh Khan, and the man in the Metro was determined to mimic those steps to the best of his ability.

What truly stands out is the reaction, or rather the lack of it, from fellow commuters. Despite the man’s lively performance, the passengers around him appeared unfazed, going about their journeys as if this spontaneous dance routine was an everyday occurrence.

Social Media Reactions

The viral post attracted a range of comments from netizens, each expressing their unique perspective on the scene. One user playfully remarked, “This is so cringe. Do it again,” while another highlighted the refreshing tolerance of Londoners, stating, “I love how in London, everyone just lets you be.”

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