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Anupama’s Shocking Twist: Homemaker Takes a Leap Abroad in Latest Promo

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The creators of “Anupama” are gearing up to introduce a surprising twist in the storyline, aiming to reclaim the show’s top position. Lately, the show descended to the third position, prompting the creators to introduce a significant twist in Anupamaa’s storyline. According to the latest development, Anupamaa is set to leave India and relocate to the United States.

Watch Anupama’s promo

The new promo reveals that the dedicated homemaker, Anupama, will make the life-altering decision to settle in America. Despite always prioritizing her family & husband, unforeseen circumstances will lead Anupamaa to relinquish everything dear to her & embrace a new chapter abroad.

While it was known that Anupama harbored a dream of visiting America to elevate her dance skills, the upcoming track showcases her working as a waitress in the country, yearning for the love of her family. The intriguing question arises: Has she parted ways from Anuj?

The promotional clip reveals Anupama leisurely walking along the streets of America, enchanted by the falling snow. A poignant moment occurs when she hears a girl calling her ‘Mumma,’ reminiscent of Choti Anu. The storyline suggests a connection between Anupamaa’s new journey and Choti Anu.

The current track of Anupama

In the current track, Anupama grapples with Malti Devi’s attempts to create a rift between her & Choti Anu. Anupamaa confronts Malti Devi for not informing her about Choti Anu’s annual function. In a heated exchange, Malti Devi exposes the secret of Pakhi misusing Anuj’s (Gaurav Khanna) credit card, leading to further complexities in the narrative.

As “Anupama” ventures into this unexpected turn, viewers can anticipate a riveting blend of emotions, relationships, & unforeseen challenges.

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