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Earthquake Surge: 124 Quakes in 2023, Doubling Occurrences Over the Last 4 Years

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Earthquake: The seismic landscape of the country has witnessed a noteworthy shift, with earthquakes doubling in frequency this year compared to the previous year, as disclosed in a written reply from the Center on Wednesday. In response to an MP’s query regarding earthquake details from 2020 to the present, the Center reported a total of 310 earthquakes in the four years, marking a significant increase over the preceding years.

Year-wise Breakdown:

  • 2020: 61 earthquakes
  • 2021: 60 earthquakes
  • 2022: 64 earthquakes
  • 2023 (11 months): 124 earthquakes

The data indicates a substantial rise in seismic activity, particularly in 2023, where the number of earthquakes has doubled compared to the same period in the previous year. Notably, 97 of these tremors registered below 3.9 on the Richter scale, preventing major accidents but contributing to the overall surge in seismic occurrences.

Causal Factor:

Officials attribute this surge in Earthquake to the active Almora plate in western Nepal. The impact of this geological phenomenon resulted in significant earthquakes this year, including a magnitude 5.8 quake on January 24, a magnitude 6.2 event on October 3, and a magnitude 6.4 quake on November 3. These events, cascading across the Himalayas, triggered a series of lower-magnitude tremors.

Increased Risk:

Compared to 2020, the occurrence of major earthquakes has quadrupled in 2023. This escalation underscores the heightened seismic risk, necessitating robust preparedness measures across regions prone to such geological events.

As seismic activities continue to evolve, it becomes imperative for authorities and communities to enhance their understanding of earthquake risks and implement measures to mitigate potential damages. The surge in earthquakes serves as a stark reminder of the dynamic nature of our planet and the importance of proactive measures to ensure public safety.

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