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Farhan Akhtar Announces ‘Don 3’ without Any Caption!

It appears that Farhan Akhtar is grappling with hurdles in his ambitious projects. On one front, the coordination of schedules between Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, and Katrina Kaif for ‘Jee Le Zara’ continues to present a challenge. Simultaneously, the eagerly anticipated ‘Don 3’ remains in a state of anticipation.

Recently, Farhan Akhtar took to his official Instagram handle, leaving fans intrigued with a cryptic promo that seems to hint at an imminent ‘Don 3’ announcement. The teaser showcases a red beam of light gradually forming the number ‘3,’ accompanied by a modified rendition of the background music familiar from the SRK-led previous installments.

What captivates, even more, is Farhan Akhtar’s silence regarding this enigmatic teaser. Devoid of a caption, the post has left netizens speculating and eagerly awaiting further details.

Anshu Harvansh
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