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Goa Rain Update: Heavy Rainfall Data (28th – 29th Sept)

The lush green landscapes and coastal beauty of Goa experienced a significant downpour from the 28th to the 29th of September. As monsoon season continued its course, the state received substantial rainfall, bringing both relief and concern to its residents. Here’s a detailed look at the rainfall data for key locations in Goa during this period:

LocationRainfall (in cm)

Dabolim – 12 cm

Dabolim, known for its scenic beauty and the Goa International Airport, recorded a notable 12 cm of rainfall during these two days. While this rainfall is essential for replenishing water sources and maintaining the region’s lush greenery, it can also lead to localized flooding and transportation challenges.

Margao – 11 cm

Margao, a bustling town in South Goa, experienced 11 cm of rainfall. The heavy showers might have brought temporary inconvenience to residents, but they are crucial for recharging groundwater reserves and supporting the agricultural sector.

Mormugao – 10 cm

Mormugao, another prominent town in the state, received 10 cm of rainfall. The monsoon season plays a vital role in Goa’s economy, as it contributes to the region’s agricultural productivity and maintains the ecological balance.

Ela and Panaji – 8 cm each

Both Ela and the state capital, Panaji, received 8 cm of rainfall during this period. Panaji, known for its charming streets and colonial architecture, often sees its share of monsoon showers, which enhance the city’s natural beauty.

Goa’s beauty and charm are closely tied to its monsoon season, which rejuvenates the land and sustains its natural splendor. While heavy rainfall can bring temporary challenges, it is an integral part of Goa’s ecosystem and contributes to the state’s unique appeal. Stay safe and enjoy the monsoon responsibly!

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