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Indian Navy’s Adventurous Endeavor: Inter-Command Ocean Sailing Race from Kochi to Goa

The Indian Navy continues to lead the charge in promoting ocean sailing in India, exemplifying its commitment to fostering a spirit of adventure at sea. In this vein, an inter-command Ocean Sailing Race from Kochi to Goa is set to take place from November 22 to 26, 2023, under the auspices of the Indian Naval Sailing Association (INSA) based at Naval Headquarters (NHQ), New Delhi. The race is organized by Headquarters, Southern Naval Command (HQSNC), and coordinated by the Indian Navy’s Offshore Sailing Club, situated at ASW School, Kochi, and the Ocean Sailing Node based at INS Mandovi, Goa.

Participation and Route:

Four 40-footer Indian Naval Sailing Vessels (INSVs) – Bulbul, Neelkanth, Kadalpura, and Hariyal – will compete in the event, covering an approximate distance of 360 nautical miles from Naval Base, Kochi, to Goa over five days. The crew, selected from experienced volunteers, undergoes a rigorous process due to the challenging nature of ocean sailing.

Enhancing Skills and Spirit:

Ocean sailing recognized as an arduous adventure sport, serves as a platform for honing essential seamanship and machinery management skills while instilling a spirit of adventure and enhancing risk-management abilities. The Indian Navy believes that sailing on these small vessels is instrumental in developing an “indefinable sea sense” and fostering respect for the elements of nature, crucial aspects of safe and successful seafaring.

Diverse Participation:

Thirty-two personnel, including eight women officers/Agniveers, will participate in the race onboard the four INSVs. Each vessel will be crewed by eight personnel from the three Commands of the Navy, along with a combined team from Andaman and Nicobar Command & NHQ. The participants, ranging from a Commodore to Agniveers, represent a diverse cross-section of the Navy.

Cultivating Core Values:

The Indian Navy sees sailing on these small vessels as an ideal method to instill the “indefinable sea sense” and a deep respect for the elements of nature, which are integral to safe and successful seafaring. These expeditions also play a pivotal role in imparting values such as courage, camaraderie, endurance, and esprit-de-corps among naval personnel in the making.

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