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Narendra Modi’s Vision for a Global Family: Highlights from Session 3 of the G20 Summit

During Session 3 of the G20 Summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his profound thoughts on the theme of ‘One Future.’ In his address, he emphasized the imperative of moving beyond the concept of a Global Village and working collectively to transform the vision of a Global Family into reality. This article provides insights into the key points raised by Prime Minister Modi during this significant session.

Global Family: Beyond the Global Village

In his address, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the need to shift our perspective from viewing the world as a mere Global Village to embracing the more profound concept of a Global Family. He stressed that in the face of global challenges, it is crucial for nations to come together as one interconnected family, fostering cooperation, empathy, and solidarity.

Shared Responsibilities

Prime Minister Modi underscored the idea that with globalization comes shared responsibilities. He noted that the interdependence of nations today necessitates a shared commitment to addressing critical issues such as climate change, healthcare, poverty eradication, and sustainable development. Modi urged all G20 member nations to collaborate in finding solutions that benefit not only individual countries but also the global community.

Empowering Vulnerable Nations

Addressing the issue of inequality and vulnerability among nations, Prime Minister Modi advocated for inclusive growth. He emphasized the importance of empowering less privileged countries to ensure that no one is left behind in the journey towards a better future. Modi proposed the sharing of resources, knowledge, and technology to uplift those in need.

Climate Action and Sustainable Development

Narendra Modi reiterated India’s commitment to addressing climate change and promoting sustainable development. He highlighted India’s ambitious goals in renewable energy and reaffirmed the importance of the G20’s role in achieving global climate targets.

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