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PM Modi Advocates Human-Centric Development and Environmental Initiatives at G20 Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the stage during Session 1 of the G20 Summit, focusing on the theme of ‘One Earth.’ In his address, he emphasized the need for human-centric development, a value deeply embedded in Indian culture, and shared India’s efforts to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Human-Centric Development

During his speech, Prime Minister Modi underlined the significance of human-centric development, a concept that aligns with India’s cultural heritage. This approach emphasizes the well-being and prosperity of all individuals while taking into account the environmental impact of development initiatives.

India’s Environmental Initiatives

Prime Minister Modi also highlighted several significant environmental initiatives undertaken by India, all grounded in the spirit of ‘One Earth’:

  1. LiFE Mission: The LiFE (Livable, Inclusive, Financially Strong, and Environmentally Sustainable) Mission focuses on improving the quality of life for urban residents by enhancing urban infrastructure and services while prioritizing sustainability.
  2. International Year of Millets: India’s emphasis on the International Year of Millets underscores the importance of promoting these nutritious and climate-resilient crops to ensure food security and sustainable agriculture.
  3. Green Grids Initiative – One Sun, One World, One Grid: This ambitious initiative aims to create a global interconnected grid for efficient and sustainable distribution of solar energy, contributing to a greener future.
  4. Solar Power: India’s harnessing of solar power has been a significant stride towards clean and renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a sustainable energy ecosystem.
  5. Natural Farming: Encouraging natural farming practices helps preserve soil health, reduce chemical usage, and promote eco-friendly agriculture.
  6. National Green Hydrogen Mission: The National Green Hydrogen Mission focuses on the production of clean hydrogen, a promising clean energy source that can contribute to a sustainable and low-carbon future.

A Unified Effort for ‘One Earth’

Prime Minister Modi’s address at the G20 Summit reflects India’s commitment to a sustainable and inclusive future for all. By championing human-centric development and fostering environmental initiatives, India contributes to the global effort to address pressing challenges while preserving the planet for future generations. The spirit of ‘One Earth’ underscores the shared responsibility of nations in creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

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