Three Laughing Monks: A Mythological Story


There are many stories that are passed down from generation to generation in different cultures – some old, some new. In this short story, the three laughing monks are a part of a popular legend, that has always been around in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.

Question: What is the story behind the three laughing monks?

One day, one of the three monks found himself sitting in a mountain temple. After meditating on what he had been doing wrong. He came to a realization: his mind was constantly troubled with thoughts. He dedicated himself to meditation and other activities.
The second monk in the story had seen every horror known to man but still couldn’t find peace within himself. He became completely obsessed with finding happiness and saw that it lay in the past where everything seemed perfect. The third monk woke up one morning to find that his mind had gone blank. And he wasn’t able to remember anything ever happening.

The Three Monks: Who are they?

The Three Monks are the personifications of the human body. They want to teach you how to live your life properly. They say that if you learn from their stories; Then you should be able to avoid all of the mistakes in your life.

How do they fit into a mythical world?

The Laughing Monks are a mythological creature that has been around for centuries. While many different stories have been created about them; some of the most popular ones are that they were originally a group of Buddhist monks; that were being chased by a demon king. He caught up to the last monk and killed him; but the demon was unable to enter the body because of the Laughing Monks’ good deeds. So, he was forced to wait until the next life, which means no death in this world.

Lessons of their laughter

In “The Laughing Monks,” the narrator recalls his childhood in 1940s France. He says that he was a lonely; unpopular and ridiculed child who wore the same clothes every day to school and had few friends. One day, he discovered a group of monks in the shadows of an abandoned building. The monks laughed all day long. He found them hilarious, but they would only speak when spoken to. Eventually, one of their laughs changed his life forever.

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