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Heavy to Very Heavy Rainfall Drenches Tamil Nadu; Notable Rainfall Figures Recorded

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Rainfall in Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu has witnessed a significant deluge as heavy to very heavy rainfall was recorded in various districts. The rainfall data showcases substantial precipitation in key locations, providing crucial insights into the intensity of the downpour.

LocationRainfall Recorded (cm)
Kil Kotagiri estate12
Taluk office Pandalur10
Peelamedu (Coimbatore)11
Kunderipallam (Erode)10

Rainfall Statistics:

  1. Kil Kotagiri Estate (Nilgiris District): Topping the charts, Kil Kotagiri Estate recorded a substantial 12 cm of rainfall, indicating the severity of the weather conditions in Nilgiris district.
  2. Taluk Office Pandalur: The taluk office in Pandalur witnessed a considerable downpour with a recorded rainfall of 10 cm, further contributing to the overall rainfall figures in the region.
  3. Devla: Not far behind, Devla experienced 9 cm of rainfall, adding to the cumulative rainfall measurements in Tamil Nadu.
  4. Peelamedu (Coimbatore District): Peelamedu in Coimbatore district recorded a noteworthy 11 cm of rainfall, underscoring the widespread impact of the heavy precipitation.
  5. Kunderipallam (Erode District): The district of Erode witnessed significant rainfall, with Kunderipallam recording 10 cm, further emphasizing the region’s susceptibility to heavy downpours.

Implications and Precautions:

The recorded heavy to very heavy rainfall warrants heightened awareness and precautionary measures. Residents in these regions are advised to stay informed about weather updates, exercise caution during travel, and take necessary steps to prevent waterlogging and related issues.

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