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Hyderabad Fire Tragedy: President Droupadi Murmu Conveys Condolences and Support

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In the wake of a devastating fire that engulfed a residential building in Hyderabad, President Droupadi Murmu has extended her deepest condolences to the families affected by the unfortunate incident. At least nine lives have been lost, and three individuals sustained injuries in the massive blaze.

President Murmu’s Message of Sorrow:

Expressing profound sorrow over the tragic loss of lives in a building fire in Hyderabad, President Droupadi Murmu extends her deepest condolences to the grieving families. Her heartfelt sympathies go out to those dealing with the aftermath of this unfortunate incident.

Swift Recovery Wishes for the Injured:

In addition to expressing condolences, President Murmu voiced her wishes for the speedy recovery of those injured in the fire. The immediate focus is on providing support and medical assistance to those affected by the incident, as rescue and cooling operations continue at the site.

Tragic Incident Details:

The fire, which erupted on the ground floor of the residential building, reportedly involved stored chemicals, leading to its rapid spread to other floors. The incident led to a minimum of nine fatalities, & three individuals suffered injuries. Prompt action by the fire brigade alerted around 9:30 am, helped control the blaze and initiate rescue efforts.

Rescue Operations Underway:

Currently, 21 individuals have been rescued from the building, and ongoing efforts are in place to secure the safety of all occupants. Ten individuals were retrieved in an unconscious state, underscoring the gravity of the situation. The coordinated efforts of the fire department and rescue teams aim to bring the situation under control and provide necessary assistance to the affected individuals.

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