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Modi Extends Greetings To All Himachalis On Full Statehood Day.

On the 25th of January Modi extends hearty greetings to all Himachalis on the occasion of full Statehood Day. He said The hardworking people of this state, rich in natural beauty, have always been devoted to the service of the nation and said may they achieve new heights of success in the times to come, this is my wish.

Himachal Pradesh, the land of snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys, is celebrating its Full Statehood Day on 25th January. On this day in 1971, Himachal Pradesh was granted full statehood by the Indian government, giving the state more autonomy and control over its own affairs.

The state has come a long way since then and has made significant strides in various fields such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure development. The state government has also been successful in promoting tourism, which has become one of the main sources of income for the state.

The state is known for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, it is home to many ancient temples, monasteries, and forts that attract a lot of tourists every year. The state is also known for its delicious cuisine and traditional handicrafts, which are unique to the region.

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The state’s economy is mainly based on agriculture, horticulture, and tourism. The state government has been working hard to promote organic farming and sustainable tourism to preserve the natural beauty of the state.

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